Associazione ARGE is a  non-profit  apolitical cultural body, and its Cultural and Ethical Policy Committee gathers leaders from International Cultural scene.

It operates as a «Think Thank» collecting and proposing Ideas, Sensations, Methods and Experiences sourcing from day-to-day and foreseeing visions, aiming to a widespread continuous social improvement.


Associazione ARGE sets its proposal from a coherent  method of Design Philosophy Dialogue, where as first there is the interchange of views and concepts among all those aiming to share visions and to define common goals for quality driven actions and developments.


From within Associazione ARGE are sourcing  Ideas and Projects, in the largest meaning of these two words, and opportunities, involving private and public participants.

Associazione ARGE’s mission is then  to foster the development, either cultural, scientific, techno- logical and social, in the name of sustainability and quality, in searching for excellence.


Associazione ARGE includes of fields of human knowledge, such as architecture, arts, urban development, infrastructures, transportation, music, design, media, engineering, applied technology, nutrition, science, healthcare, law, retail, education, sports, ….


Associazione ARGE commits to the belief that no real development process could be pursued without having all involved participants contributing with conscious and thoughtful support.

So then, it asks to active powers in the Communities and to all resources as per human knowledge and expertise, for them to bring in creative and useful elements for the implementation of such Ideas and Projects in the global scenario.


Associazione ARGE sees its method in the  Design and Philosophy Dialogue by three paths:

-Dialogue: about City and Territory

-Dialogue: about Architecture

-Dialogue: about Time


Associazione ARGE believes Sustainability and Consistency as the homogeneous leading wisdom in all trasformation paths.

Sustainability refers to:

–Overall respect for the community and for cultural, natural and landscaping heritage;

–Overall quality in architecture, zoning and urban development, in all results as per economics, environmental and aesthetics standards;

–The process to activate financials, economic, administrative, legal and management resources required to develop projects, to realize works and keep these over years.

Consistency refers to:

–A sequential level, referred to the diachronic character of the Dialogue/Project;

–A cross-scale  level, referred to its various levels of scale.


Overall Sustainability, in ARGE’s vision counts on  Strategic Resources, identified in:

-Traditional Infrastructure Components: Infrastructures for Logistics and Services

Innovation Infrastructure Components: Infrastructures  in Science, Technology and Advanced Industry

Cultural Infrastructure Components: Infrastructures in Culture, Well-being and Lifestyle.


Associazione ARGE develops a sound conceptual  enhancement in thinking upon Social Quality and Environmental Quality, extending both to the entire Community and to its urban and rural Territory, shifting from Smart City to Q.SEC concept.

Q.SEC (Quality Sustainable Extended Community) harmoniously merge all current culture translating into Well-being and Prosperity for the whole Community and its Land.


Associazione ARGE aims to knot again on a fruitful and creative relationship with the glorious  past Italian Heritage, without which no challenge in the global scenario can be afforded successfully.

Associazione ARGE makes the Olivetti model  as its own elective reference from where sourced experiences for designing complex bodies in both Territory and Community.